Gina Racanelli - Massage Therapist

Healing Waves Therapeutic Massage

"A walk on the beach calms my mind, rejuvenates my 
body, and uplifts my spirit. My goal is to bring this 
same sense of well being to you through my work."

 Massage therapy started as a temporary career for me on the path to physical therapy school, but I quickly realized that helping people through the healing touch of massage was my passion.  I have been a massage therapist for close to 18 years now and I attribute the longevity of my career to receiving regular massage sessions.  It is important for me to stay healthy, strong and pain free so that I can give my best to all my clients.  
Prior to starting my own practice, I worked at a local health club, providing massage to clients while managing a staff of six to twelve therapists.  Years of “hands on experience", along with my massage education has given me the necessary skills to work with people of all ages with a variety injuries and ailments.   I customize each massage with the information gathered from my clients combined with my intuitive ability to assess what is needed to accomplish the best results.  I  help my clients achieve deep relaxation by reducing the pain and stress that they are storing in their body, mind and spirit.  I absolutely love what I do and my enthusiasm for helping others is reflected in the quality of my work.
Located at Visions Body Care 
160 Reina Del Mar ~Pacifica
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Services Available
Swedish, deep tissue, sport massage, and trigger point therapy techniques can be used alone or in combination.  The depth of pressure during each session can be adjusted from gentle kneading strokes to deep penetrating pressure points.   All massages include a choice of five different organic aromatherapy blended oils to enhance the overall experience.  

Quick Fix:  During this 30 minute massage focus will be placed on one or two specific areas of the body.  Neck and shoulders, legs and feet, or back and shoulders are just a few combinations.  Great for those clients who have a specific issue that can be worked out in a short period of time.

Pure Relaxation:  This customized Swedish 60 or 90 minute massage uses a combination of long, soothing gliding, and kneading strokes to release aches and pains in the superficial (closest to the skin) muscle groups.  Light to firm pressure will be used to improve circulation, increase range of motion,  and promote deep relaxation.

Head to Toe:  This 90 or 120 minute full body massage can combine Swedish techniques, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy.  Firm to deep palm, knuckle, and elbow pressure will be used to reach deeper muscle groups reducing pain and tension, increasing flexibility and improving a overall sense of well being.  

Mommy Massage:   A 30 or 60 minute Swedish massage is adapted to meet the needs of the expectant mother. This massage can safely, comfortably, and effectively relieve stress and tension throughout the body. Focus can be placed on those areas most affected by the ongoing changes that occur throughout pregnancy.      

Oncology Massage:  Specialized massage training is used to meet the unique and changing needs of the person in or with a history of cancer treatment. As an oncology trained therapist, I am able to provide safe and effective bodywork for oncology clients because I have the ability to recognize and work within a framework of clinical considerations. Oncology clinical data support the use of massage in managing pain and reducing nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue. A careful assessment will be done before the session starts and the massage and pressure applied will be customized to the individual’s needs.   Length of massage is up entirely up to each client and what they feel comfortable with.         

30 minutes                     $45 
60 minutes                     $80  
 90 minutes                    $115
120 minutes                    $150

Chair Massage:  Energize your workplace with on-site chair massage. In 10- to 30- minute sessions, your staff can receive massage on their hands, arms, shoulders, back, and scalp. Clients stay fully clothed during chair massage.  Rates for chair massage vary according to length of time booked and travel time.

Payment Policy:  

Check or cash accepted at the time of the appointment.

Gift Certificates Available